Mission Statement

Somali Family Service, guided by its community champions, helps Somali and other African families in becoming responsible, independent and contributing members of San Diego through its programs that promote health, educational and economic success, and leadership efforts.


Somali Family Service envisions a better quality of life for Somali and other East African population in San Diego. The vision is reached through educational programs focusing on leadership skills, financial literacy, health education and career planning. in addition, SFS activities promote equal opportunities and establish greater understanding and communication among Somalis and other East Africans in the community.


Somali Family Service of San Diego was established in 2000 as a non-profit, community-based social service organization. Since its inception, the organization has provided culturally and linguistically appropriate programs and services to members of the San Diego Somali and other East African communities, easing their transition and ensuring successful functioning in their new home. In San Diego, there is a serious lack of support services for Somali and other East African immigrants and refugees. SFS fills this gap in the community, since most organizations serving East African immigrants and refugees are not staffed by or dedicated specifically to the population.


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Health & Wellness

sfs health fair 2010SFS has been a champion in addressing gaps in healthcare in the San Diego East African refugee community, Read more...


Economic Development

sfs youthEconomic development program was created to address the economic needs of Somali and other East African families  Read more...

Family Strengthening

family strengtheningSFS bolsters the East African refugee community with its Family Strengthening program. We advocate on issues such as access to quality healthcare, Read more...

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