Health & Wellness

SFS has been a champion in addressing gaps in healthcare in the San Diego East African refugee community, frequently collaborating with other community stakeholders and residents. Despite over a decade of settlement in San Diego, until recently there was no data on the demographics and health status of the Somali community, making it difficult for community groups and health care providers to adequately address health needs and concerns. Read more

Family Strengthening

family strengtheningSFS bolsters the East African refugee community with its Family Strengthening program. We advocate on issues such as access to quality healthcare, civil rights, law enforcement, interpretation and translation, and school-related challenges.

Working with the San Diego Unified School District Parent Outreach and Engagement Department and the San Diego Police Department, we plan Somali Community Health and Education Forums in which East African refugee parents learn how to communicate better with school professionals given the language and cultural barriers.    Read more

Economic Development Program | Somali Family Service


Economic development program was created to address the economic needs of Somali and other East African families   - most East African families in San Diego are comprised of single mothers, several children, and extended family members: nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. Many families have as many as 6-13 children. A largepercentage of the families are on public assistance. Read more


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