Youth Summit 2012 

Youth of Today: Where are we? And where we are headed?

The Summit

2012 ys

This Summit is founded on the principle of bringing together Somali Youth and their parents to formulate and begin a healthy dialogue within the Somali community.

The goal is to help Somali Youth successfully balance and manage their faith, education and culture as American-Somalis. This Summit is unprecedented; as the Somali Youth in San Diego has, by no means, received the opportunity to discuss such important topics in an organized and focused manner. Through this summit we hope to find and understand where we are today and where we are headed as a community.


The Mission

Through the help of the parents and the community we hope educate and empower the youth to become conscious of the realities of the youth of today. We hope shed light on the importance of Faith, Education and family-life.

The Goals

Educate participants on the significance of Faith, Education and Family-life
 Involve parents and Youth in the identifying issues in each of the three focuses
 Create a vibrant, informative and meaningful dialogue between Somali Parents and youth
 Inspire the youth and their families to value higher education and utilize available resources 

Summit Highlights


- Panel discussions 

- Motivational keynote speakers. 

- Entertainment (Poetry, and Skits about the Somali Family home)

- Opportunity to learn about resources available for youth and their families

Join Us! 

February 18, 2012 

Joe & Vi Jacobs Center 

404 Euclid Avenue San Diego, CA

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Health & Wellness

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Economic Development

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Family Strengthening

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