February 2, 2010 – KPBS celebrates cultural diversity in partnership with Union Bank by honoring Ahmed Sahid during Black History Month 2010. 



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Video Transcript:

ANNOUCER: KPBS Celebrates Cultural Diversity in partnership with Union Bank. We honor local heroes throughout the year who are making a difference in our community. Meet Ahmed Sahid, President and CEO of Somali Family Service of San Diego. Which was started to improve the well being of Somali and other East African refugee families in San Diego County. As a former refugee himself, he knows first hand the difficulties in adjusting to a new culture and environment.

AHMED SAHID: And because of that, many families find it very helpful our services. Our three main programs are economic development, health services and youth development program. We are very proud to see many individuals and families who become self sufficient in getting jobs and developing new businesses, and become productive members of society. Find out more at kpbs.org slash heroes.

Health & Wellness

sfs health fair 2010SFS has been a champion in addressing gaps in healthcare in the San Diego East African refugee community, Read more...


Economic Development

sfs youthEconomic development program was created to address the economic needs of Somali and other East African families  Read more...

Family Strengthening

family strengtheningSFS bolsters the East African refugee community with its Family Strengthening program. We advocate on issues such as access to quality healthcare, Read more...

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